SHINKO MACHINERY Co.,Ltd. aims at the leading company of the spring processing.




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We aim to be a company for 100 years and be able to continue to be a company that can contribute to customers for a long time.

celebrated the 50th anivaersary of establishment of a corporation

On March 1, 2018, SHINKO MACHINE TOOL Co., Ltd. (Sales and Service) and SHINKO MACHINERY Co., LTD. (Development and Manufacturing)were merged with SHINKO MACHINERY as the surviving company. In the previous year, we had celebrated the 50th anivaersary of establishment of a corporation, and renewed our company logo to clarify what to do, to aim to be a 100 year company, and to be a company that can contribute to customers for a long time, under the name "Greenpeat" . Under the new logo,

Repeatability Improvement / Challenge Fairness

we would like to make our best efforts with the three principles below.
"Repeatability" is positioned as our fundamental technology, "Realization of quality / technology that can continue to produce high precision springs in the same shape from 1st to 1 millionth pieces = Realization of repetition accuracy" At the same time, it represents "long and good relationship with customers and cooperating companies" and "long-term survival as a company".
"Improvement / Challenge" means not to be afraid of failures, to be always aware of improvement and challenge, and practice every aspect of technology, service, etc. without compromising on the current situation.
"Fairness" means to aim to establish and maintain win-win trust relationship by conducting interactions among customers, cooperating companies, employees etc., with a sincere attitude. I hope that it is also a suitable word for "Green" that we have used for our machine color. "Greeanpeat" is a compound word of "Green" and "Repeat" and was decided with a determination to always be conscious of the three principles, including the logo mark and color, so that they can be practiced. We would like to devote ourselves to the realization of "Repeatability" "Improvement / Challenge" and "Fairness".


Support for international students

Since the mid-1980s, SHINKO MACHINERY has expanded the oversea business and now we have clients in more than 35 countries in the world. We would like to deepen all our employees' understanding of foreign cultures and to contribute to realize the dreams of international students studying here in Osaka. From such desire, we started supporting the students from April 2013.

Green donation

Since the corporate color is green, we are donating permanent donation boxes for "green funds" in the company and contributing to the greening project by devoting employees' coffee fee.